reducing "Crew-caused"
approach and landing

Pilot-in-charge Monitored Approach

PicMA and teamwork.

Normal delegation of flying by using PicMA could be regarded as simply good teamwork. Imagine a team game requiring a very heavy and unwieldy ball to be put in the opponents' goal by the player nominated as the "scorer". The ball must be carried, not kicked; it may be passed between players, and the rules allow defenders to tackle their opponents whether they actually have the ball or not.

The Blue team's scorer is an experienced all-rounder, and they have a new player on the wing for their regular game against the Reds. The new player can run, but the team don't know much else about him. The Blue team's coach has noticed that the Reds always go for the blue scorer, whether or not he is carrying the ball.  So the coach comes up with a simple game plan. 

"Scorer, when you get towards the Red goal area, pass the ball to the new player on the wing.  He'll have a straight run towards the goal, and without the heavy ball you'll have a much better chance to dodge the defenders, and arrive ready to take the ball to make the touchdown".    

In an aircraft, the "defenders" are the strategic and tactical problems that arise during the approach. They attack only the "scorer" because they are issues that only the captain can resolve: defects that have arisen, weather problems, commercial issues with passengers, etc.  As the "winger", actually flying the aircraft is a sometimes demanding but basic task that the First Officer can do, delivering the aircraft ready for the Captain's takeover and touchdown.