reducing "Crew-caused"
approach and landing

Pilot-in-charge Monitored Approach

This site is owned and operated by Steve Last. Below is my CV in brief. 

Flying experience: approximate total 16100 hours, 8220 sectors accumulated with British Airways on HS121 Trident, Vickers Vanguard, Boeing 757, Airbus A320, and Boeing 747-400 aircraft. 

Technical work:

  • BALPA, (British Airline Pilots Association) 1969-80: Member, then Chairman, Airworthiness SG > Vice Chairman, Technical Committee.
  • IFALPA (International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations): 1970-2000 Member then Chairman, Aircraft Design and Operations Committee, then Principal Vice-President, Technical Standards then Principal Vice-President, Administration and Finance
  • ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) 1972-83: Alternate Member, Airworthiness Committee then Member, Operations Panel
  • SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)1983-2000: Member then Chairman, Committee S-7 Flight Deck and Handling Qualities for Transport Aircraft;  Liaison Member Committee G-10 Aerospace Behavioral Engineering Technology
  • British Airways 1989-2000: Project pilot, Canadair Regional Jet then Technical Pilot Developing Technologies. 

 If you want to see a more detailed CV it is here